• "A universal reset is happening now.

    This is a time for remembering what is most important. Healing our relationships

    with Self, with one another, and

    with our home - planet Earth...


    You are invited to join together for SankofaVision2020,

    a series of Masterclasses and events offered this year to help us look within,

    look forward, and make progress in these changing times." - Queen Leia Lewis

  • Master Survival

    Strategies with Our

    Great African Ancestors!

    The first Masterclass has already happened. Yet you may receive the replay recording, available for a limited time.

    • $20.20  - Your donation to receive the audio replay recording sent directly to your email address within 48 hours.
    • This masterclass teaching and Wisdom Circle brought together 20 visionary leaders and insightful people from across the USA, for a powerful think tank session on navigating our changing world.
    • The intentional audience for this Masterclass is melaninated people of African Ancestry (Black folk). There will be future masterclass offerings in the series open for participants at large.
    • Learn relevant survival strategies for prospering and THRIVING with the guidance of Spirit, and implementing practical strategies in your household, local community, and an intentionally expanding SANKOFAVISION2020 NETWORK.

  • About this Masterclass


    Let us remember the truth that we stand on the shoulders of great women and men! Our Honorable Ancestors include those women and men who survived uncertain change and and learned to thrive even during times we can hardly imagine. They cultivated resilient mindsets, adaptable skills, emotional intelligence, spiritual power, compassionate networks, and other assets to secure their lives and their future.


    Today, humanity is experiencing a tremendous global and national shift that is tangibly transforming life as we have know it. We are called to remember the lessons of our Ancestors and their enduring examples.


    In this first powerful online event, Queen Leia Lewis faciliates saced space bringing together melaninated people (a/k/a Black Folk) who sincerely believe we are all connected. If you are feeling the call to attend this experience, then YOU are welcome.


    During this online gathering, Queen Leia recalls and teaches "old school" survival strategies - particularly from her family heritage- that are valuable for your personal well being and family's good. Additionally, you'll be invited to remember useful survival strategies that you're carrying through your family line. There will be opportunity for asking questions, too. This Masterclass is a HEART-CENTERED gathering that is SOLUTION FOCUSED on sharing empowering ideas, resources, and tools to benefit our heads, hearts, and hands.


    May we have eyes to see and ears to hear. The Ancestors are our strength!

    Homage, love, and respect to Mr. Leroy Lewis, Jr.

    Great Father, Family Provider, and Sankofa Gardens Benefactor - We remember you!

    Homage, love, and respect to Mr. and Mrs.

    J.C. and Melindy Livingston Jordan, Mr. and

    Mrs. John Scott & Nannie Daniels Livingston.

    Righteous Earth Keepers - We remember you!

    Homage, love, and respect to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy

    Lewis, Sr. & Albertha Watson Lewis.

    Fearless Homesteaders - We remember you!

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  • (Re)Introducing Sankofa Gardens!

    Remembering the Past, Building Our Future

    Everyday we learn and grow!

    For more than a decade (and counting!), these words have been the inspirational motto and a mantra at Sankofa Gardens. This trailblazing organic community garden and learning campus, established in 2005, is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is the site of community building programs in art, culture, and environmental stewardship that have positively impacted the lives of 5,000+ people directly, and countless many in a ripple effect of good. Sankofa Gardens constituents are families, youth, college students, artists, growers, urban farmer apprentices, professionals, elders, and more!


    From 2005 to 2015, Sankofa Gardens established a respected reputation being an incubator of "green" thought leadership. Our programming has modeled and demonstrated the power of cultural creativity + green development. Among many accomplishments, the efforts by good people at Sankofa Gardens have helped to proliferate scores of fresh food gardens across the USA and Caribbean through education, training, services, and collaborations with households, schools, and centers of worship, and partners.

    Our Future is Blazing Bright

    The Legend of the Phoenix!

    The beautiful children pictured are some of the graduates of the highly praised Sankofa Saturday School. These young people have grown up and are successfully making progress in high school, college, and graduate school to prepare for their careers. These young women and men carry forward the Wisdom of Sankofa as brilliant, creative, and compassionate leaders with a "green" consciousness. Fresh insight and inspiration comes with 20/20 vision. And so, the time is NOW for (re)introducing Sankofa Gardens to reach a present generation.

    SankofaVision2020 is a current campaign that aims to raise awareness and investment in Sankofa Gardens by engaging support from people in Shreveport, Louisiana and beyond. We are renewing our mission following several years of necessary hiatus by our visionary leader to focus on her health and the well-being of her personal family. With a renewed focus, the vision of evolving Sankofa Gardens from a grassroots operation into a sustainable organization remains timely and relevant. This looks like creating a strategic plan for implementing a full-time operational campus with coordinating team/staff members who manage activities of the organic garden, learning center, and further expansion.


    THE SANKOFA VISION IS AUDACIOUS!!! Importantly, the bold accomplishments of our Ancestors provide evidence that our greatest hopes can be achieved when we activate our efforts by the power of faith. There are many opportunities for growth at Sankofa Gardens. And one immediate goal is recovering the loss of a building on campus because of a recent fire on March 18, 2020.

    Watch this video about the fire at Sankofa Gardens.


    You are invited to help jumpstart the recovery and strategic rebuilding activities starting NOW! Simply show your support for SankofaVision2020 (the Masterclass and event series) with YOUR GRACIOUS DONATION OF $9 AND MORE. Like the phoenix, this vision is rising from the ashes!!!

    About the Visionary and Teacher

    Queen Leia Lewis, Iya Oriade Efunyemi

    Queen Leia Lewis is also known as The Sankofa Lady. She is a deeply rooted Light Worker, Author,

    Artist, Beloved Mother, Educator, and Community Builder from Louisiana. She is the fifth-generation descendant of Ancestors from Louisiana who are farmers, hunters, healers, midwife, entrepreneurs, military veterans, educators, prayer warriors, and respected leaders within their communities.


    For two decades and counting, Queen Leia has been the visionary leader and presenter of trailblazing cultural arts events, festivals, educational programs, and other initiatives bringing diverse people together to create a better world. She is founding producer of New Orleans Maafa (est. 2000), organized by Ashe' Cultural Arts Center. This interfaith healing ceremony is an annual citywide commemoration of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade honoring the legacy of our African Ancestors.


    Since 2012, Queen Leia has expanded with the inspiring role as CEO of Beautiful and Sacred Things, LLC. BAST is a growing global online community dedicated to women's spiritual growth and Divine Feminine alignment with their purpose. Visit BeautifulandSacredSoul.com


    Queen Leia Lewis also is founding Director of Sankofa Gardens in Shreveport, Louisiana (est. 2005). She is proudly organizing the SankofaVision2020 as a campaign for broadly raising awareness and investments to revitalize Sankofa Gardens as a campus of transformational personal and community development.



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  • Homage, Love & Respect to

    Minister Brother Kojo Livingston.

    Messenger of Truth.

    We remember you!